Steel Buildings in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Steel buildings are versatile, strong, and highly economical. Whether your business needs extra space or is looking to expand operations to a new location, we can handle the entire project from the ground up. We’re the best choice to handle your steel building project.

What Types of Steel Buildings Do We Build?

We specialize in all manner of steel buildings, each serving a variety of commercial purposes.

Our list can go on. Your steel building can be so much more than a steel box — although it can be as simple as that if that’s what you need. You can get extremely detailed with your steel building’s design, as we specialize in crafting buildings that can even reflect your business from a marketing perspective. Contact us if you’d like to brainstorm the type of steel building you need, and we can help figure out the specifics. 

The Solar Option

The Solar Option

The power of solar energy is an exciting prospect to consider when planning your steel building project. We’ve presented several customers with solar options, and your project may be a good fit. Consider the following scenario.

Your steel building is 30+ years old. The roof is getting old, and it’s out of warranty. What happens next? Do you spend a large capital investment in replacing or repairing the roof, which will come to nothing over the next few years? Or do you put a complete package together that actually increases your property’s value and provides monetary benefits to you and your business?
Look ahead and see the potential benefits of a dual purpose project with the power of solar on your side. By incorporating the replacement of your building’s roof with a solar system, you can supplement your own usage, completely supply your own usage, or sell back to the electrical grid for profit. It’s a fantastic option for a reroof project, as there are various subsidies and incentives available should you seek to take advantage of the solar option. 

Electric vehicle charging stations can become a part of this as well. So whether you need a new roof or want to build a brand new steel building, consider the benefits of our solar options. 

The Scotchbuilt Difference

We’ve been doing steel buildings since the mid-80s, so we have the experience to handle projects of any size and scope. Need plenty of open space? We can do buildings with a 100-foot clear span (or more). Are you looking for a small or custom steel building? We can do that, too.

As an authorized dealer and installer of Star Building Systems for over three decades, we have the network and capacity to handle any project. Our relationship with Star Building Systems opens up the possibilities for your project, as we have access to the highest-quality building materials and designs. And since we also general-contract the buildings we sell, you get a complete package with us — the building plans and everything that goes into making it come to life. We’re your complete solution, unlike other companies who only sell buildings and leave you to find a builder who actually knows how to erect it.

Owner Paul Scotch will be on the job every day to ensure only the highest quality standards are met for the construction of your steel building. He’s your direct point of contact, fighting for your best interests. You’ll even find him putting on his tool belt and getting to work on your project himself — something that most other general contractors have stopped doing decades ago. That’s the Scotchbuilt difference.

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