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Ever since owner Paul Scotch was a kid growing up in Carbondale, PA the 70s, he knew what he wanted to do — he wanted to work with his hands and build things, just like his father Carlo Scotch and grandfather Carlo Angelo Scotch before him. From the time he could hold a hammer, Paul was going to the jobsite with his dad. Before he knew it, construction sites were like his second home.

Besides learning from hands-on experience, Paul received his formal education in Penn State University’s architecture program, learning from some of the greatest minds in the architectural world. Then, when Carlo started C. Scaccia & Son in the mid-80s, Paul got to work in construction at an official capacity, managing job sites and working hard to exceed client needs. Paul would even draft custom drawings for clients, and today, his architectural experience remains a valuable asset as he approaches highly customized, skill-oriented projects.

Paul’s journey in construction and general contracting led him to start his own company, Scotchbuilt, Inc. in 2001, serving Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. Since then, Scotchbuilt has adapted to the volatile environments of construction, real estate, and the economy to continue providing high-quality results on a variety of projects.

A Star Building Systems Seller and Builder in Northeastern, PA

Paul became an authorized seller and builder of Star Building Systems in 1985 and has maintained that status to this day. This puts us in a unique place among other local companies, that may provide you with the materials but leave you with the responsibilities of finding a builder, negotiating a price, and hoping that they actually do good work.

We’re your complete solution, and we’ll never leave you hanging or cut corners. Our ties to Star Building Systems ensure we live up to their reputable name, while meeting and exceeding our own high standards. And with our commitment to the best customer service, you can feel confident that the process of constructing your building will be one you’ll actually enjoy. 

We're different because we have the Star Buildings franchise, which provides the following benefits:

The Solar Option

The Solar Option

The power of solar energy is an exciting prospect to consider when planning your steel building project. We’ve presented several customers with solar options, and your project may be a good fit. Consider the following scenario.

Your steel building is 30+ years old. The roof is getting old, and it’s out of warranty. What happens next? Do you spend a large capital investment in replacing or repairing the roof, which will come to nothing over the next few years? Or do you put a complete package together that actually increases your property’s value and provides monetary benefits to you and your business?
Look ahead and see the potential benefits of a dual purpose project with the power of solar on your side. By incorporating the replacement of your building’s roof with a solar system, you can supplement your own usage, completely supply your own usage, or sell back to the electrical grid for profit. It’s a fantastic option for a reroof project, as there are various subsidies and incentives available should you seek to take advantage of the solar option. 

Electric vehicle charging stations can become a part of this as well. So whether you need a new roof or want to build a brand new steel building, consider the benefits of our solar options. 

Choose Scotchbuilt for Your Next Residential or Commercial Project in Northeastern, Pennsylvania

Like his father before him, Paul has established a way of doing business that hasn’t changed in over three decades. We’ve been in this scene for a while, and we’ve seen everything. With us, you get peace of mind that nothing will catch us off guard. We can avoid common construction issues before they arise, ensuring your project stays on schedule and turns out the way you always dreamed it would.

Fill out the form below, email us, or call Paul directly to take the next step. We look forward to meeting you and building a relationship that can last for years to come.

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