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Please fill in as much information as possible to receive a custom quote for your building:

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1. Width of building in feet.

2. Length of building in feet.

3. Gable or Single slope roof.

4. Roof slope, standard 1":12"

5. Low eave height in feet.

6. Clear height in feet, defined as lowest height inside of building desired.

7. Type of roof panel: screw down is standard, or standing seam which is our premium panel.

8. Roof insulation: 4" or 6".

9. Wall insulation: 4" or 6".

10. Specify possibility of use of interior columns. Yes / No

11. Gutters and downspouts. Yes / No

12. Liner panel inside of building, standard is 7' 6" high. Specify lineal feet sheeted.

13. Walk doors 3' x 7' specify quantity.

14. Over head doors: specify width and height and quantity.

15. Note special conditions: Please be specific.

Building price will be based on level, clear, stable site. Price will be “turn key” based on input information.

No drawings, studies, permits, or governmental requirements are included.

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